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Gary Radnich - KRON 4 Sports Director & KNBR Radio Host

Hello Everybody this is Gary Rabinovich and on tomorrow's show we will talk A's bullpen, Giants prospects for a 500 season and the Raiders and Forty Niners respective special teams and secondaries... Are you kidding, I'm paying insurance on seven cars...

I started out playing basketball in High School and decided, "hey this is my thing". I used to shoot baskets in my backyard on warm San Jose summer nights while listening to Vin Scully and Jerry Dogutt on KFI L.A. My father Bill instilled a hard work ethic in me so when I attended BYU I knew it was too easy; off I went to Vegas and the runnin Rebels.

It was in Vegas where I became the only white player on an all black team but I had the brothers rhythm that bought me the likes of Raddy's Caddy, my purple limo, which I used to make contacts. I worked at KVVU in Henderson Nevada and used to call big names to come do the show. Little did they know that the kid on the phone was the sales guy, producer, director and the host. I did have a camera guy so even then I did not have to resort to VJ status. I would pickup the likes of the Esposito brothers, Broadway Joe Namith, Howard Cosell and other greats too too many to mention. You could find me at the old Holiday Casino with my sponsor Bill Wildcat Morris who also happend to be Charles Sonny Liston's Attorney. Bill would give me two C'notes to help out the youngsters learn the 10 foot jumper.

I rubbed elbows with Bobby Riggs, he beat me in a free throw contest, and Hank Greenspun of the Las Vegas Sun Times. I will say this till I am blue in the face I could have bought a pad but hey I bought the big Caddy and asked 10 guys for a said yes and I was on my way.

Look at me and look at me good!

Today I am a legend in Bay Area sports lore for keeping it real on both KNBR The Sports Leader and KRON Television. Please dont e-mail me because I dont do e-mail and I dont have a cell phone. If you have a comment about me send it to Glenn Dickey dot com; I hear he has a great website.

Gary's laws

1. Dont stay out past midnight because nothing good happens after midnight when you are out. The Great Catherine Heenan had to pay 170 bucks for a ride home at 1AM.

2. Barry Bonds is not someone I want to ride cross country with but put a Bat in his hands and I will stop what I am doing even when I am walking around in my underwear or in the bathroom reading Vanity Fair.

3. You have to make it on your own but if you have great Parents like I did you have a huge advantage.

4. Love your parents. See #3.

5. There's nothing like Kevin Correia or Felipe Alou at 10 in the morning at Giant Fanfest.

6. Nobody cares.

7. First time caller long time listener is geek speak for I am going to be boring for two minutes so let me go one more.

8. I dont have guests on the radio because Joe from Livermore is far more interesting and entertaining then these fat heads that just say "WHERES MY MONEY AT!"

9. Pete Franklin was the KING and I thank him for talk radio.

10. Tony Bruno is Fabulous!

And #11, I will say this till I AM BLUE IN THE FACE... My listeners are fabulous and NOBODY CARES!! See #6.

Gary's Loving Toast to Andrew & Michelle, in case you missed the wedding.

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